September 6th 2008

Format of SummaryField of an AdvancedDataGrid

I just started using the AdvancedDataGrid with a SummaryRow. The problem was that the numbers in the SummaryFields were not formatted properly, although the numbers in the data object where ‘formatted’ with number.toFixed() and were shown properly in the AdvancedDataGridColumn . Now, there is no formatting property in the SummaryField class.

The easy solution is, to set a NumberFormatter in the formatter property of the AdvancedDataGridColumn object. The SummaryField somehow inherits the format from the AdvancedDataGridColumn .

Here’s a sample application showing the problem and the solution:

2 Responses to “Format of SummaryField of an AdvancedDataGrid”

  1. I wrote a simple app to outline and sent it to you by mail.

  2. Please, give me an example.


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