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February 24th 2015

Laravel 5 Unique Form Request Validation on Update With Model Binding

The documentation on Form Request Validation is something I encourage every Laravel 5 developer to go through. It makes validation so much cleaner and simpler.

But what about validating a Model – bound to a Form – property using a unique rule in an update request?

January 8th 2014

Getting Column Content in a TYPO3 Extbase Extension Controller

Because of a design specification, I had to get content from a page column in a Controller of an Extbase extension, so that I could render it in the Frontend Plugin of the mentioned extension.

This turned out to be another TYPO3 nightmare. After hours of searching the web I’ve assembled the following solution.

December 25th 2013

How To Embed a TYPO3 Extbase Extension via TypoScript

Not long ago, it was as easy as page.10 < plugin.tx_yourext to embed your plugin in a template. However, since the switch from pi based extensions to Extbase (which was very welcome), it has become idiotically complex.

August 23rd 2013

Using Laravel 4′s Model Events to Cascade Deletion

Cascading deletion in Laravel 4 can be accomplished setting up FOREIGN KEY‘s and adding an ->onDelete('cascade') in your Schema.

Read on for an alternative way to cascade a deletion using Events.

April 24th 2013

Order Posts in WordPress by Multiple Custom Fields

I’ve found several solutions to order posts in WordPress by multiple custom fields. Unfortunately, none of them worked. However, they pointed me to the right direction.

March 27th 2013

Adding Responsiveness And Other WordPress Improvements

Finally I have found time to add responsiveness to my website. But not just that – I rebuilt my custom WordPress theme from ground up based on _s. Thereby I was able to fix a lot of bugs and got rid of superfluous code.

Furthermore, I switched to WordPress-Skeleton for the git repository layout and WP-Stack for deployment.

February 21st 2013

How to use WordPress 3.5 Media Uploader in Meta Box Plugin

WordPress convinces me more and more, and some of the plugins make the wellness package complete. One of them is Meta Box.

Using the thickbox_image field type makes it incredibly easy to add sets of images to pages and posts, which can then be used for custom sliders or galleries.

However, the plugin uses the pre WordPress 3.5 media uploader which doesn’t handle as nicely as the new one. In my usage scenario, it was the missing ability to select multiple images that bugged me in the old version.

Fortunately it was quite simple to change this fact.

January 21st 2013

Full Width Menu with Equally Padded Elements using jQuery

My latest project had a new challenge ready for me – a menu which sits on top of the main container taking up its full width and has equally padded menu elements.

As an exercise, I made a jQuery plugin out of it.

January 10th 2013

Embedded Font Oddities in Firefox

This could be an episode from a story called “New Adventures in CSS cross browser compatibility”.

I thought that font embedding in CSS is a robust concept, once you understand the basic rules. And in no way, I thought about testing it in Firefox specifically.

However, reality proved me wrong.

January 10th 2013

Fill Form values using jQuery

Due to the imposed turning away from Flash / Flex development, JS gained importance in my daily business as well.

In a recent project, I had to set up multi step forms. During development and testing,
I needed a simple way to fill the form with predefined values and selections.